OuroX Launches First STO for Latin America

OuroX, currently conducting a Reg CF raise on StartEngine on the ERC-1450 smart contract, announces its FinTech Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The platform is scheduled to roll-out February, 1st 2019, followed by the launch of OuroPay, a blockchain enabled payment processor app, and then Fuente, a marketplace and supply-chain logistics platform.

Maya Parbhoe, Ouro Co-Founder

Serge Tjin Wong Joe, Ouro Co-Founder

Gian Baldew, Ouro Co-Founder

Founders Maya Parbhoe, Serge Tjin Wong Joe (her prior, and current, business partner in Icarus GeoSystems, an engineering firm), and Gian Baldew decided to start raising funds to expand the business, share the upside with other visionaries, and apply for a broker/dealer license for the Latin American and Caribbean region.

“Regulations are how markets mature,” Maya stated in a recent interview. “With the license OuroX will be able to conduct Security Token Offerings (STO’s) for region-companies, through the platform, much the way StartEngine is for us, right now.”

The release of OuroX’s white paper garnered an early exclusive interview in Authority Magazine’s John Chu penned series titled, “Men and Women of Color, Leading the Blockchain Revolution.”

OuroX has partnered with AlphaPoint to provide a world-class matching engine besting one-million transactions per second. By focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean, OuroX is addressing the banking needs of the nearly sixty per cent (60%) of the population who don’t have a bank account, but who do have access to a smartphone or computer.

OuroX is positioned to become a logistical behemoth for Latin America and the Caribbean much the way Amazon has become in the US or Alibaba and TenCent have in China. OuroX plans to provide cross-border remittances, frictionless mobile and online payments, a marketplace where suppliers and buyers can connect, with accurate shipping prices and unparalleled access to even the most remote of communities through their mobile app.

The vision of financial inclusion and opportunity is apparent in every aspect of the OuroX endeavor.