EconoTimes: Tokenization Seems To Be Outpacing

Although the last year’s downtrend of the cryptocurrencies may have caused blood bath for some traders in the recent past, we kept reiterating that the buzz world, ‘tokenization mechanism’ is quite different that hasn’t been the latest. Consequently, in the recent trend, we witnessed umpteen number of instances of development in this space. For instance, JP Morgan’s application of patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) summarizes a mechanism through which the participants on a distributed network such as a blockchain can tokenize their assets and trade through these digital depository receipts also.

While Digix also has a DAO governance token (DGD) which allows access to the platform to tokenize any real asset. is also no exception from tokenization, they have also come up with BTC, XRP, ETH, OmiseGo (OMG), Cardano (ADA), Enigma, ShareToken, and Digibyte. Through which one can trade in companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Nvidia, Amazon, Intel as well as Baidu using tokenized shares.

Furthermore, eToro also stated back in 2018 that – as we move toward a future where assets will become increasingly tokenized, it’s important to give investors access to the resources they need to invest in the assets they want and truly consider crypto-assets as part of their long-term investment plan.”

With these live shreds of evidence of growing interest in tokenization of trading or investing, one can understand that this has become a trending topic of 2019 despite the lingering apprehensions of struggling prices of cryptocurrencies.