Medtech Firm Verseon Uses In House STO Platform Blockrules

Verseon, a company that provides a “computer-driven approach to drug discovery” says it is trying to change the capital markets landscape by bringing regulatory certainty to the blockchain with the goal of connecting a global investor community with innovative companies in biotech and more.

Last year, Verseon launched a new subsidiary BlockRules – described as a security token offering (STO) platform supporting the sale, launch, and trading of securities.

Verseon also believes that BlockRules may also help boost interest in early-stage biotech firms.

Verseon states that as part of their mission to develop disruptive technologies in global health, the company is rethinking the entire pharmaceutical R&D process, including how drug development is funded.

The company believes that through STOs, companies can raise money and share the potential rewards from their innovations with a global investor community. The major obstacle faced by such security token offerings is their inherently international nature, says Verseon. The sale and trading of security tokens is subject to the securities regulations of all countries involved.

The company reports that BlockRules combines the “reliability of a public distributed blockchain with the regulatory-compliance mandated by governments around the globe.”

Eniko Fodor, BlockRules director and Verseon COO:

“BlockRules provides a key missing piece for driving the adoption of security tokens in capital markets. By bringing regulatory certainty to the blockchain, we hope to enable security token offerings to set a new standard for global participation in supporting innovation.”

The news about Blockrules comes just as Verseon raised capital via a follow-on offering on AIM. There are a number of early-stage firms targeting the primary issuance of securities on blockchain.

Verseon’s current market cap hovers around £150 million.