The World’s Largest Fintech Conference To Include Token Day

Money20/20, the world’s largest fintech and payment conference, said on Jan. 21 that it has launched Token Day as part of its Asian edition.

During the event, taking place on March 19-21 in Singapore, industry experts including IBM CTO Stanley Yong and Ripple CTO David Schwartz, will give speeches covering the economics of tokenization, developments in cryptocurrencies and the fall of initial coin offering platforms, the organizer said.

Token Day has been developed in response to the growing demand and focus for tokenized assets in global fintech and the financial industry. The development of tokens and regulated token markets are showing potential signs of real value, while blockchain projects with scale and sustainable value continue to be launched.

“So far, blockchain and artificial intelligence are driving technological innovation worldwide and both have profound implications for the future of business as well as our personal data,” said Shumian Shen, founder and CEO of MoAir Cloud.

“How can the two technologies merge? Where can AI and blockchain intersect? On Token Day at Money20/20, I am going to use my real practical business case to describe today’s best way to apply two of the biggest technologies with decentralized AI.”

The event was designed as an addition to the full curated Money20/20 Asia 2019 agenda, which features 10 key industry themes and more than 300 senior officials from companies including AirAsia, UBS, Women’s World Banking, GO-Pay, ZhongAn, WeBank, World Bank, Mynt, Google, Stripe, Westpac, Ant Financial, Amazon Web Services, Mastercard, Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Revolut, among others.