Major Digital Asset Custodian Opens Its Singapore Office

Onchain Custodian (ONC) announced today that it will open its Singapore office on Jan. 22 at the back of the Binance Blockchain main conference where ONC will exhibit.

The ONC team is working with Onchain‘s technical team to deliver the SAFE™ Digital Asset Custody Platform. SAFE™ will focus on offering a secure, fully automated, standardized and digital asset standard agnostic custody service, with best-in-class user experience. It is flexibly built to meet the possible futures of digital asset custody. It will support mainstream cryptocurrencies and tokens and evolve swiftly to handle securities tokens as the regulation and industry develop. ONC will also ensure its technology adapts iteratively to the latest tested protocols in terms of hosting of private keys. Onchain Custodian’s objective is to secure and automate digital asset custody with interoperability and standardization in mind, without relying on physical vaults.

Da Hongfei, founder and CEO of Onchain, ONC’s technology partner, said, “The security of digital assets has always been a pain point for the blockchain industry and an obstacle for traditional investment institutions to enter the space. As a leading blockchain company, Onchain has the obligation and vision to solve such problems. We will work with the ONC team to live up to our expectations and use our own technology to provide efficient solutions which will facilitate the transformation of digital assets throughout Asia and the rest of the world.”

“We are proud to work with Onchain and our investors on this ambitious project. We will use this technical and financial support to launch, promote and operate a future-proof, digital asset standard agnostic, automated and compliant custody platform,” explains Alexandre Kech, ONC’s CEO. “The industry is looking for secure but modern solutions to prevent the cybersecurity and operational issues experienced in recent years. The end solution cannot be the lodging of physically stored private keys into a vault with the inefficient manual processes resulting from this practice,” Alexandre insists. “Digital assets must remain digital throughout their life cycle.”

Onchain Custodian will open its office at 20 Collyer Quay in January, test and pilot its platform in February and March before launching its services beginning of Q2. To be kept informed of the progress or to participate in ONC’s pilot phase, visit