Swarm Announces Free Tokenization of Assets

Swarm, a non-profit providing open infrastructure for digital securities, announced today the launch of no-fee issuance of digital securities, also known as security tokens.

Philipp Pieper, CEO and Co-Founder of Swarm:

“In the year since Swarm launched, we have seen overwhelming global demand from projects seeking to issue digital securities. We’ve also seen significant barriers in the cost and complexity of compliant issuance solutions. To meet that demand and scale the adoption of digital securities, we have designed a way to not only make tokenization free, but to reward token issuers in the process. ”

Free tokenization and issuer staking join Market Access Protocol (MAP) and the recently introduced fiat investor gateway as the latest innovations from Swarm aimed at eliminating friction in the digital securities space. News of Swarm’s free tokenization and staking model comes as TheArtToken, a digitized security recently issued using Swarm’s technology, announces that they have exceeded their $16M minimum funding goal.

Levent Süer of Fine Art Digital:

“Swarm has always been on the leading edge of tokenization. Their platform made it easy for us to issue TheArtToken to the specifications of our legal counsel, and their model enabled us to focus our budgets on legal, marketing, and other crucial costs. Their stake-to-issue model not only gives us skin in the game, but the extra incentive of staking rewards means that in addition to paying no fees, we now earn SWM each month. ”

About Swarm

Swarm is a non-profit providing open infrastructure for the creation, issuance, and trading of digital securities. Asset owners and fund managers can issue security tokens using Swarm’s technology with no fees, facilitating access to fractional ownership in formerly exclusive asset classes like real estate funds and private equity. Swarm empowers investors to invest alongside others, forming a Swarm that collectively meets minimum funding requirements to participate in these investment opportunities, also with no fees. Swarm has created Market Access Protocol, an open source, decentralized system for the safe and compliant purchase and transfer of digital securities within and across blockchains.