Issuance Announces Investment from MD Slim Ventures

Issuance Inc, a deal marketing platform that connects digital securities issuers with prospective investors, today announced an investment from Mike Bishop, JD, the Managing Director of Slim Ventures, LLC, a venture firm specializing in creative financing opportunities and predetermined takeouts or exits. This news follows the recent announcement of Issuance receiving an investment from PCG Holdings Inc. to build a technology-enabled investment bank for digital securities issuers.

Mike Bishop, Managing Director of Slim Ventures

“We’re thrilled that Mr. Bishop has invested in Issuance,” said Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance. “Mr. Bishop has been a proactive supporter in our mission, and his years of experience in business development and hands-on venture building makes him an invaluable resource as we scale our business.”

Slim Ventures, LLC focuses on structured financings with an emphasis on liquidity and exit strategies for owners and investors in regulated industries as well as assisting asset owners raise capital through tokenization. As the Managing Director, Mr. Bishop has advised a variety of successful token-related companies, including LAToken, a crypto exchange which entered Coinmarket Cap’s Top 50 Exchanges by Trading Volume, and several other multimillion dollar projects. Mr. Bishop has also developed and assisted others in the development of new products in the fields of life insurance, health insurance, wealth planning and real estate, with deals typically ranging in size from one million dollars to five hundred million dollars.

“Having acted as an advisor for several token offerings, I am particularly excited about the advantages that tokenized securities promise in creating liquidity to non-public investments, and with that, understand the importance of deal marketing to make liquidity a realization,” said Mike Bishop, JD. “As a deal marketing platform that connects and engages digital securities issuers and interested investors, Issuance is well-positioned to facilitate the exposure and investor pools necessary for tokenized securities to succeed.”

Issuance currently provides strategic advisory and deal marketing services to digital securities issuers. In addition to supporting its clients, Issuance itself is also raising capital under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. Issuance intends to tokenize its capital stack after completing its raise and have its digital securities trade on the OpenFinance Network ATS, the first live, regulated digital securities trading platform in the US. To access Issuance’s investment package, visit

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Issuance, Inc. is building a technology-enabled investment bank for digital securities issuers. Its deal marketing platform matches and connects digital securities issuers with authenticated, interested investors. For more information, visit

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Slim Ventures, LLC is a venture firm providing unique exit and liquidity solutions by offering structured financing to increase liquidity, reduce risk and enhance efficiencies. For more information, visit