Polymath CEO to Forbes: 2019 Will Be a Pivotal Year In Tokenization

At Forbes, Yoav Vilner, a veteran blockchain advisor, talks to Trevor Koverko, Polymath Founder. Polymath is currently the largest of the major tokenization platforms, hence Trevor’s views on the current state of STO are a must read to all interested in digital assets. Also, Trevor is the man behind the ST-20 standard, that is on the way to become the industry standard for security tokens.

In the interview, Trevor describes the main features of the standard, that are the transfer restrictions, in contrast to the famous ERC-20 by Ethereum.

On the current stage of the security token market, Trevor comments:

“I believed STO’s would overtake ICO’s, but didn’t expect adoption to happen so fast”.

He states that 2019 is to be a pivotal year for security tokens.

Security tokens unlock liquidity, it is perhaps the unique selling point for digital assets. They can make small, private non-liquid securities more accessible for everyone.

Further, security tokens are programmable, whereas many traditional stocks are not. You can command security tokens to do things like automating corporate governance, proxy voting and dividends — all perfectly documented on the immutable blockchain.

Full text of the interview here.