First Attempt to Go Global In Tokenization

Mercurity, the blockchain tokenization network of the world’s most comprehensive assets, will be officially released in early 2019.

Mercurity is a global blockchain-based, verifiable asset tokenization network, which is launched by a parent company of a US MSB licensed company.

According to the official introduction, Mercurity is synthesized by Mercury and Security (Mercurity = Mercury+Security), representing liquidity and security. Mercurity is the world’s first platform based on blockchain technology and a global trust network to achieve global quality asset tokenization.

Mercurity is based on the ABT (Asset-backed Tokenization) model to achieve the tokenization of asset security compliance. ABT is different from the FBT (Fiat-backed Tokenization) model of stable coin in the cryptocurrency market. The assets supported in the Mercurity network are not just a certain currency or a certain kind of securities, but a globally-oriented asset of all categories, including:

Traditional financial world assets – stocks, legal currencies, bonds, real estate, precious metals, etc.;

Real physical world assets – art, limited consumer goods, etc.;

New form assets – data, time, intellectual property, virtual goods or game props, etc.

Currently, the assets issued by Mercurity and launched on the 55 Global Markets trading platform include:

USDD (the world’s first 100% dollar-backed and interest-bearing stable coin), EURD (euro), JPYD (yen), GBPD (GBP) and other foreign exchange token (Forex Token) and other stock token like AAPLD (Apple), AMZNT (Amazon), GOOGT(Google), FBT (FaceBook), IBMT (IBM), BABAT (Alibaba).

Therefore, Mercurity is the world’s largest asset tokenization network with a variety of assets and the most comprehensive ecosystem.

Mercurity was initiated by the Daollar Group.

With the cooperation of the world’s top developers, Mercurity completed the construction of the token circulation infrastructure, including the basics of the trading system, the tokenization tools, the basics of token consumption and the financial services etc.

The launch of Mercurity is a major positive news for the cryptocurrency circle. Mercurity’s initial focus is not just the $130 billion market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, but the introduction of the traditional assets of billions of dollars (stocks, foreign exchanges, real estates, golds, bonds, consumer goods, etc). to the blockchain ecology, injecting new vitality into the blockchain ecology and new liquidity into the traditional global financial market.

According to official sources, the Mercurity Network’s token MERT will be officially listed on the 55 Global Markets (

Mercurity initializes four basic network as follows:

A Global Custodian Network for Verifiability

Mercurity, through collaboration with licensed broker-dealers and depository companies, stock can be tokenized on a 1:1 basis by holding them in trust accounts. Tokens can then be traded with other investors, and converted back to stock under new investor accounts through licensed broker-dealer partners. All assets tokenized by Mercurity will be held in trust by licensed custodians in their respective jurisdictions worldwide to protect the security of the underlying assets, whilst preventing the risk of damages or losses by the asset owner.

A Global Transactions Network for Liquidity

Using the global SWIFT network, Mercurity is building a network for bank and asset transfers supporting various fiat currencies. The network is expected to span over 200 countries and over 100 currencies across various continents and all major financial hubs.

Using this network, users are expected to be able to complete various asset transactions in different currencies involving various assets seamlessly. Mercurity aims to complete transactions between different currencies within minutes. For instance: a French user may use Euros to purchase a tokenized asset sold by a South African friend. The South African friend can immediately redeem the Euros into South African rands, which are then deposited into his South African bank account – all directly on Mercurity.

A Global Compliance Network for Legal Compliance

Mercurity is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. To achieve this, Mercurity is building a set of global user and investor verification networks covering all major jurisdictions. In addition, Mercurity is actively collaborating with governments and financial industry regulators to meet global anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing requirements.

Mercurity’s compliance network will be designed to implement relevant KYC and accreditation requirements to ensure that ecosystem participants satisfy applicable laws, including accredited investor accreditation, tax reporting, privacy protection, credit reporting, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing etc.

A Professional Operations Network for Efficiency

Based on the attributes and categories of assets, Mercurity making it included in the management and operation maintenance of asset tokenization for 9 major professional operation sub-platforms such as DaoCoin (Fiat Token), DaoStock (Stock Token), DaoCommodity(Commodity Token)、DaoBond (Bond Token) and DaoGold (Precious Metal Token).

Six features of Mercurity:


All assets tokenized by Mercurity will be held in trust by licensed custodians in their respective jurisdictions worldwide to protect the security of the underlying assets, whilst preventing the risk of damages or losses by the asset owner.


Mercurity is currently applying for or has received various licenses from financial regulatory authorities worldwide, including with respect to anti-money laundering and cryptocurrency operations. Mercurity is committed to regulatory compliance to ensure that all business activities are conducted under the full oversight of regulators. This not only helps all operations and assets to be protected by applicable law, it also minimizes compliance issue that could harm the value of the underlying assets.

Periodic Audits

Mercurity is working with leading audit and accounting firms to conduct periodic audits of all assets held by Mercurity’s custodians. Audit and accounting reports will be publicly released on official websites and social networks, providing transparency and security.

Smart Contract

Where permissible in applicable jurisdictions, Mercurity will use smart contracts to build business logic directly onto the blockchain, using code to ensure the fair and transparent operations of business transactions and relationships. This effectively creates a new model of trust, ensuring tamper-free and trustworthy data, greatly lowering the cost of trust and complexity in global asset transactions.

All minting, redemptions, interest payments, compliance checks and other rules are built directly into the blockchain using smart contracts in these jurisdictions, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Real-time Disclosure

Mercurity is developing a set of technological tools designed to automatically aggregate information relating to all tokenized assets, and discloses them in real-time on its website and social media channels. Such information includes information about the underlying assets, holders of tokens, operations data of the token issuer such as management changes, financial situation, community management and user activity etc.

Using real-time information disclosure, Mercurity aims to mitigate the disparity of information between issuers and investors, providing investors with more relevant and more up to date information about the value of any tokenized asset.


Using its global custodian, transaction and operations network, Mercurity is designed to allow any token holder to efficiently redeem their tokens for the underlying assets, whether it is in electronic form (e.g. foreign currency, stock, bonds) or tangible property (e.g. precious metals, artwork, merchandise).

Although the blockchain technology still has a long way to go to change human life in essence, the launch of the Mercurity project has undoubtedly found a new direction for the application of blockchain technology, and will also bring more investors and users the blockchain market.