Leaders Publish ‘State of Smart Securities – 2019’

NovaBlock Capital, Ownera and Security Token Summit today released State of Smart Securities – 2019, an in-depth report on the evolution of capital formation, the basics of “smart securities,” industry segments and the future of digital securities.

The research report can be downloaded for free at DigitalSecuritiesReport.io.

Andre Serrano, co-founder of NovaBlock Capital:

“The biggest challenge for our industry is that such a large education gap persists. We compiled this report to provide a comprehensive resource for learning about digital securities and highlight the companies that are moving the industry forward”.

Alon Goren, co-founder of Ownera and Security Token Summit:

“A surprisingly small portion of securities, assets and financial products in general are truly digital and accessible today. We believe that this new digital era that we live in has paved the way for digital asset ownership, particularly in the form of smart securities, and that this movement will dramatically change the way that the global financial system transacts.”

Smart securities (AKA security tokens) utilize blockchain technology to expand the investor base and reduce frictions to trade, while automating compliance procedures, such as investor eligibility, disclosures and communications, cap table management, and enforcement of investor rights. Smart Securities also enable fractionalized ownership of real assets, instant settlement, 24/7 global markets, increased liquidity, and reduction in ongoing compliance and issuance costs. This model can be applied to any asset class, including private placements, real estate, debt, equities, private equity fund shares, and precious metals.