Kepler Finance Releases Report for 2019 on the Digital Securities Market

Kepler Finance, a blockchain analysis firm for investors, has put out a report assessing the tokenzied securities market conditions as we begin 2019. The report includes key insights into the statistics of the current market along with the current barriers, legal perspectives, and other advice to consider.

Tokenized securities are financial instruments that have just started to gain serious traction in 2018, however analysts are expecting significant growth for the new market this year.

Kepler Finance, an analysis firm and database for the blockchain space, has just released a report on what’s in store for the small but growing digital securities sector in 2019.

One of the breakthroughs of 2018 was the establishment of a wide array of corporate networks between issuers, platforms, broker-dealers, and other market-makers. The end result has been a foundational layer that will be crucial for the digital security space in the years to come with Polymath, Securitize, NeuFund, and others leading the push forward.

Kepler Finance has documented this complex web of relations in an easy-to-understand map.

The report also quotes many industry leaders in their outlook for 2019. Scott Purcell, the CEO and Chief Trust Officer at Prime Trust, has said that:

We will see more broker-dealers, more exchanges, more investment advisors, more lawyers and more crowdfunding portals embracing tokenization of securities. The market will get more professional, and far larger and more dynamic in 2019.

The professionalization of the space seems to be on everyone’s mind in the digital security sector for 2019.

2018 also saw some significant STOs but the platforms still need to expand their foundations.

According to the Kepler Finance database, “32 Digital Securities Offerings were announced as being listed on issuance platforms like Polymath, Neufund and others.”

However, STOs are still in their infancy and pale in comparison to the monumental amounts of capital raised by ICOs in 2018.

This, however, is expected to change in the coming years as ICOs continue to see their fundraising power dry up substantially.

The report produced by Kepler Finance is detailed, rich, and includes analysis from a wide range of industry leaders in the blockchain and digital securities space.

The full report is definitely worth reading: it’ll provide you with a taste of what to expect in 2019.