EZPack Water Initiates Israel’s First STO

EZPack Water Inc., an Israeli manufacturer of water storage and distribution systems, has adopted InPortal’s INPR digital security token protocol as part of its stacked capital structure.

New investors and Convertible Note holders into the Series A round have the option to hold Common Shares of the Company either as on-chain digital securities, EZPack Tokens, or Common Share Certificates.

Alex Harel, CEO and Founder, EZPack Water:

“With our focus on creating a global buildout for our water storage and distribution systems, adopting a digital security capital structure will provide our shareholders with transparency on share pricing and valuation as well as facilitate a broader use of blockchain technologies for many other applications for EZPack. We are excited about the enhanced marketability for our shares and proud to be the first Israeli company to issue digital securities.”

Stephen Inglis, CEO, InPortal:

“EZPack Water’s issuance of programmable digital equity shares through, will provide investors with the security and liquidity associated with on-chain transactions. We expect that this form of equity will soon become the norm for private company funding.”

EZPack’s ongoing expansion is being funded through a Convertible Note ahead of a Series A offering and the issuance of an EZPack Water Token, an on-chain security issued in the United States through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Regulation D 506 (c) exemption to accredited investors.

The EZPack Water Token is imbedded with smart contracts to provide corporate governance functions, including investor distributions, corporate news, basis for accreditation, and can trade on a variety of secondary market platforms.

EZPack Water Ltd., is a private Israeli company manufacturing and marketing proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution and mobility.

The company products are aimed to markets such as emergency, disaster relief, construction, the mining industry, agriculture, military, and a myriad of other applications.