An Education Hub Adds STOs to Its Curriculum

Learn Basic Blockchain, an education hub to explore the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency use, announces the addition of STO or Security Token Offering to the curriculum for it’s Freemium Members.

STO’s or Security Token Offerings will help eliminate those types of business models and it will combine the good advantages of an ICO and an IPO.

The big difference is all the tokens are backed by something real. The process provides procedures to comply with a legal protocol, adding a level of authenticity and assurance that will assure customers with a business model that works.

The use of blockchain and the addition of STO’s in 2019 is here and will continue to grow as use cases for corporate to small business adoption increases.

The need to understand these concepts is growing whether you are an investor or you simply are doing business of any kind.

Employees of companies will also need to understand these concepts as 2019 will bring more blockchain projects in the form of STO’s.

Learn Basic Blockchain educational platform is intended for the nontechnical audience with basic to limited knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It teaches all the basic concepts, gets into use cases and shows professionals how they can apply blockchain concepts to real world situations.

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