DARB Finance: Blockchain Asset Platform for Everyone

DARB Finance introduces a fully-fledged blockchain asset platform for everyone from novice enthusiasts to experienced cryptocurrency traders. It is a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly platform which takes trading to a whole new level. It offers a lot more than just a simple exchange – it’s an entire ecosystem for managing, trading, and learning everything there is about cryptocurrencies and taking care of your portfolio.

DARB Finance allows for comprehensive, secure, and very user-friendly trading experience regardless of your level of experience. It is convenient for both enthusiastic beginners with little experience in the field and seasoned traders with complex requirements.

The platform is secure, convenient, and very fast, which is essential for convenient trading. It takes advantage of a matching engine which allows it to sustain over 3,700,000 orders per second. This is what makes it amongst the fastest exchanges which are currently available on the market.

It has also gone through rigorous penetration tests and audits and has been put under the scrutiny of the highest industry standards. In order to provide additional security, the platform comes with 2-factor authenticators, same browser logins, new device login confirmation, confirmations via verified email address, and many more.

Given that the fees are amongst the most important things that a trader considers in his choice of a trading platform, DARB Finance does have a special offering. It only has 0.05% fees for market makers and 0.2% fees for takers, which are amongst the lowest in the industry

The platform supports fiat-to-crypto trades as well. Currently, the only supported fiat is the EUR but KRW, CNY, and USD will be introduced shortly as well.

Furthermore, users can also enjoy a range of additional perks such as spot trading, margin trading, a wide list of different trading assets, and demo accounts.

It goes without saying that active management of one’s portfolio is particulalry critical. DARB Finance boasts a convenient portfolio manager which will allow you to easily monitor the progress of your holdings. It will also integrate token- and coin-based holdings to consolidate your monitoring abilities. It also comes with different risk-management tools for your own security.

The platform also allows users to learn from one another. Users can pay with tokens to observe the progress of other people’s portfolios.

For example, if a user sees that the value of his portfolio increases, others are much likely to want to know what he has invested in. This user can then set a certain percentage increase for share and others will be able to pay to see it.

DARB Finance is also unique with its distinct feature to allow users to issue their very own personal token based on the ERC20 standard. It will transfer the ownership over the token through the smart contract to an ethereum address which is provided by the user in order to guarantee ownership authenticity.

Users are seriously incentivized to take part in DARB Finances’s ecosystem as they will receive rewards in the form of DARB tokens as they partake in their daily activity. Once the user registers, which is a seamless process, they can begin making trades. Each trade mines DARB tokens and the tokens which are generated from the trading are distributed throughout the community – 65 percent of them go for market makers and 35 percent for takers.

After you are done trading for the day, the DARB system will automatically calculate your revenue share and distribute you newly mined DARB tokens. You will be receiving them on a daily basis. The revenue share is distributed in ETH each day and the DARB platform shares between 35 and 50 percent of its revenue with DARB token owners.

What is more, as you achieve different Proof of Trade milestones you will also be able to enjoy additional features such as DARB-ETH trading pair as soon as you hit Milestone number one.

The top 50 users who own the biggest amount of DARB tokens are going to receive a private slack invitation. There, they will become part of the Advisory Board which is in close contact with the DARB team and they will assist with new, community-driven enhancements and ideas.

Read more about the comprehensive blockchain asset platform DARB Finance on their official website and make sure to sign up for an account right away!

DARB Finance is currently running a special Christmas promotion which will allow you to get up to $10,000 in Ethereum right into your account.