Introduction to Security Token Marketing

Planning a security token marketing strategy for your project from the first day is crucial and probably more than the product itself.

The first thing to do is learn the rules related to cryptocurrencies.

For years, the world of cryptocurrencies has not been regulated for investments in Bitcoin-based startups, but it is precisely in the days when cryptocurrencies are undergoing major regulation by national bodies and as in the case of China or the most important banks in the world.

In July 2017, the SEC (the US security and money exchange agency) established that some digital currencies are actually securities.

The Securities Act is very complicated, but you need to make sure you know at least the basics.

You will certainly need a lawyer to comply with the most complicated regulations, but a basic understanding of the relevant legislation will ensure that your company follows the laws from the beginning.

If you want to launch a successful ICO in the United States (for example), you need to base yourself on the criteria outlined by the SEC.

The construction of the strategy:
Before you begin, be sure to answer these questions related to your security token:

  • How does your solution work?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Why is a token the best solution?
  • What features does your solution have that makes it unique?

Once you have established why you should use a security token you are ready to build an ICO marketing strategy with the help of STO marketing agency to spread your project idea to your audience.

The steps to follow are similar to those necessary for the launch of an innovative startup: forming a team, carrying out market research, having a lean startup approach and filling a business model canvas, building a community and creating hype, intercepting the investors.

Security Token Marketing

The team: the true “face” of your project

If you have a blockchain-based product idea and plan to make a security token then you certainly will not be able to surround yourself with people who do not know anything about these technological innovations.

Usually, we rely on several subjects including: consultants, partners, sponsors, investors and project creators who are almost certainly part of the community in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The fundamental thing is to have at your side people with heterogeneous characteristics and adequate for your visionary idea.

Do you work in more countries? Is the application sector specific? Make sure you have people who speak all those languages and have skills related to the relevant industry.

Your consultants should feel extremely involved in creating your success.

Your partners must be genuine: do not put random logos on your website if your idea is known by five people.

Be transparent: the names of your team members and their wealth of previous experiences should be public and visible.

In addition, make sure that you are all available to answer the questions of users who contact you: Slack, Skype, Hangout, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat and Reddit are tools that like many others can be used to give voice to your ideas in a direct way so that the people who consider the project interesting can have confirmation of its feasibility before investing.

You should also explain in a clear and concise way how the funds raised will be allocated in addition to the tokens themselves and the price of each (also indicates the maximum circulation of tokens in your crypto economy). If you and your team intend to withhold a large percentage of the token bid, explain the reasoning.

The American scenario on projects related to security tokens under ICOs is still at the beginning and the potential that your project is unique is quite high.

If you are interested in launching a security token for ICO you should weigh certain factors:

My product what problems does it solve?
Are there conceptually similar products that are solving similar issues in other areas?
Who is my target?
Do I know exactly what I am doing and that the need is real?
Does anyone else think like me?

If you do not want to be part of more than half of ICOs failing miserably, it is critical that you know if your project is feasible, functional, sustainable.

The world of cryptocurrencies is still largely confused and misunderstood.
Shortly before the launch phase of your ICO, you will most likely talk to two distinct audiences:

Those who follow the cryptocurrencies since they were born and
Those who do not understand even the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain

The second group probably knows that the topics are hot, but they might not understand the technicalities.

It is up to you to create contents that are understood by those who read the terms Bitcoin or Blockchain for the first time.

The more people you intercept the more you need to be aware that whoever opens your landing page is not necessarily a tech-savvy user.

Identify potential investors
When you have established that your idea is valid and go out a moment from the virtual world and meet the faces of people like you who are interested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Participate in events, conferences and seminars on the topics: there, you can meet people excited about these innovations and compare yourself to see if they would ever use the solution you offer or if you already solve a problem with which they are struggling.

Ask questions, take notes, answer what you are asked in a simple and straightforward way and do not be afraid to make mistakes, because all of us are learning to understand this new and constantly evolving technological scenario.