Issuance Announces Partnership with a Crypto-Custodial Service

Issuance, a digital security platform, has just unveiled a new partnership with Prime Trust.

Prime Trust is a blockchain-based company focused on compliance and custody for digital assets.

There are a few issues that the security token industry must grapple with before digital assets are commonplace: these include the questions regarding trust, custody, and compliance.

Issuance, a security token marketing platform, has taken on these questions by bringing in experts from Prime Trust to better the necessary resources for advisory and marketing services.

The strategic partnership between Issuance and Prime Trust will address the “weak points of the industry,” according to Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance.

Prime Trust was brought on board to address the problems of trust and custody currently present in the security token space.

The partnership will also focus on makes security tokens more accessible with greater access to capital as well.