Blockchain Darico Announces Partnership With RDK Property Developer

Disruptive Blockchain-startup company, Darico, has announced details of its three Proof of Concepts (POCs) for the Dubai Real Estate industry, in partnership with RDK Group, one of UAE’s premier property developer.

The Proof of Concepts include renting luxury hotel-apartments, starting from January 2019, purchase of real estate via crypto-payments, in 5-year installments, in addition to investing in tokenized apartments, all possible by paying in Darico Ecosystem Coin (DEC).

In particular, the second POC aims to bridge the credit alternative from the conventional financial system directly to the DEC token holders.

“We are delighted to examine these Proof of Concepts in partnership with RDK Group. This is an exciting time for blockchain in Dubai, and Darico is on the forefront of this new wave as we look towards Dubai’s integrated blockchain solution being completed by 2020,” said Mojtaba Asadian, Founder and CEO of Darico.