Private IT Backed Security Token is Soon to Hit

BaseCore token as reported is made up of two main components. The first component is the investor element, which is based on high-yield assets from non-public IT startup assets.

The second component is the stabilization factor. The value of the underlying asset is used to fix the base redemption price.

The base price is very important to arrive at the guarantee value or the foundation value associated with the token.

The buyback value is the base price and it is honored by Basecore for all of its token holders regardless of the volatility of the overall crypto market.

Excalibur is the exchange protocol of BaseCore, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that powers BaseCore.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not completely decentralized; therefore most of them encounter security flaws.

For instance, there are trading platforms that have user experience problems due to navigation issues, making navigation challenging for the end user.

Excalibur protocol is focused on improving the concepts that are vital for developing end-user experience. The protocol integrates intuitive design with the basics of UX concepts. The design elements are embedded in an easy to use single-page application that makes use of IPFS hypermedia protocol from the Protocol Labs in a way to enable complete decentralization.

The implementation of IPFS will help users to access the Excalibur interface irrespective of the server performance. A unique hash is created for every new release of the Protocol to protect the source code from spoofing and unexpected DDOS attacks that are very common in centralized exchanges.

The BaseCore team is mainly concerned with adding new tools that are important for adding portfolios and security asset statistics. Users will gain access to the protocol by requesting for an invitation as the platform is currently in the closed alpha testing phase.

Real estate backed security tokens are already famous and are considered as one of the best alternatives of cryptocurrency.