The Security Token Lottery in Development by and Securitize recently completed a private funding STO through the Securitize STO platform for the development of their new mobile lottery Dapp.

The development of the Dapp is headed by the company’s subsidiary, LDC Crypto. already reached out to multiple blockchain firms to make the project a reality.

To ensure a timely release, the company has employed strategic partnerships with Cooley, Vo1t, iHeartMedia, GateHouse Media, and CauseCast.
The STO offered private investors 7-percent of the Net Raffle Revenue on’s new Global Impact Raffle.

The Global Impact Raffle gathers gaming information from multiple websites across the world.

The platform allows users to game in a variety of different ways.

According to developers, the platform will include sport franchise games, charities, and NGO’s.

The Global Impact Raffle rewards participants for their contributions, similarly to how Steemit users receive Steem for their content.

To ensure that all participants are regulated, the security tokens include comprehensive regulations and each offering passes through a licensed FINRA broker.

FINRA is the broker regulatory authority.