Save Trees Via Blockchain

The project, called TreeCoin, aims to stop the deforestation one small step at a time. It offers participants a share in an ambitious reforestation project in Paraguay, where fast-growing eucalyptus trees will be planted in vacant areas 20 percent bigger than the entire city of Paris — and that’s just the start.

According to the company, every four years, the land will generate a profit from selling precious eucalyptus timber — and every four years, more and more square kilometers of forests will be saved from being cut down somewhere else. A portion of the profits will be reinvested to purchase land to plant more trees, and so on.

In 22 years, the team intends to accumulate some 597 square kilometres of recovered forest area that they say will “continue to generate profits forever.”

That’s the essence of the TreeCoin project, presented at BlockShow Asia by a group of German businessmen led by Mr. Jörg Schäfer, also known as Mr. Green.