Olymp Invests in Dusk

Dusk Network Offers a Compliant, Scalable and Privacy-Oriented Protocol For Security Token Issuance.

The Dusk Standard Can be Used by Companies to Create Security Tokens on Top of Dusk Blockchain.

Asset Management Fund Olymp Capital announced an investment in Amsterdam-based Dusk Network, the first cryptocurrency protocol that satisfies the entire Security Token Offering (STO) regulatory framework on the blockchain at a fraction of the cost.

Thus, the Dusk Network is aiming to become the “Ethereum network” of STOs, with Dusk Token used as the standard for STOs, in the same way Ether Tokens (ERC-20) are used for ICOs.

Olymp Capital will work closely with Dusk Network to deliver STO value for clients.

Dusk Network enables investors to exchange data privately and transfer ownership assets (e.g. security tokens). It implements a real-time payment channel (a pay-as-you-go model) and rapid peer-to-peer data communication.

The company has developed a framework that appeals to traditional and institutional investors, who cannot invest easily due to legal structures, creating an opportunity for Dusk Network to become a favored destination for STOs, as a one-stop shop platform to issue security tokens, with easy and fully compliant onboarding.

Dusk aims to create a viable security token market and bring together businesses, regulators, and financial institutions.

As a part of its collaboration with Ethfinex, Dusk Network opens access for Ethfinex and Bitfinex users to a private sale.

Dusk Tokens will be listed on both Exchanges (Bitfinex and Ethfinex).

Christophe de Courson, co-founder and CEO of Olymp Capital:

“The Dusk Network team has created a technology that adapts uniquely to the needs of STO investors, and we see tremendous upside from their infrastructure.”