Exclusive: Cannabis Dividend. All legal. In California.

Exclusive interview: Symboli raises funds through a combination of a STO and an ICO to open five high end marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, California. We could not pass by without some sharp questions:

(Q) So in a nutshell, your project is about selling tokens to start or do you have the five shops, high quality marijuana dispensaries for medical marijuana in Los Angeles, California? Is that right? And you promised 20% dividend a year! Plus 40% discount as it look up of the investors into your shop sit? Do I get it right?

(A) That’s right.

(Q) Do you understand it sounds like a total dream to many who reside in jurisdictions not as advanced as California? 🙂 🙂 can they buy your security tokens?

Yes, we will expand to Europe and another countries that legalize marihuana in South America like Uruguay.

(Q) Tell me about the technical side briefly, not to get readers bored. Or perhaps you can compare your technical solution with something non-technical?

(A) The dividend will be generated from the first three years of revenue by our five Cannabis operations in Los Angeles, California, USA in ideal locations. These operations have expected cumulative annual revenues in excess of US$100 million in 2019, US$140 million in 2020, US$160 million in 2021, and estimated net earnings of at least 20% each year (medium scenario).

(Q) You seem to combine the two big formats, ICO with STO? Am I right? So, is it pre-sale with security tokens and open ICO with utility tokens?

(A) Correct.

(Q) Do you plan to list your utility tokens afterwards or they will be used strictly inside your platform? If so, how?

(A) At the beginning we will use our platform.

(Q) You announced Cannabis Dividend of about 20% for the first three years. Does it mean your security tokens, or smart contracts, or your regular contracts will make the holder a co-owner of the company? With rights equal to yours abf other co-owners?

(A) That’s right, same equal rights as the our co-owners.

(Q) So what you essentially sell is the opportinity to own a part five up class medical marihuana dispencers, up market shops really, in Los Angeles, California?

(A) Yes, in Los Angeles to start and then expanding to another countries.

(Q) How?

You can enter with as small amount as

10 ETH (Ether Deposit)

to this address:


If you prefer BTC you can enter with an small amount of 0.9 BTC to 3.9 BTC to BTC Address:


Please let us know when done and we immediatly assign the amount to the SymbCoins

The high-yielding annual Cannabis Dividend® will be exclusively available to Symboli token holders.