Tokeny Introduces T-REX Standard for Compliant Security Token Transfer

Tokenization platform Tokeny has announced the release of its new T-REX blockchain standard, designed to ensure compliance in security token transfers.

Luxembourg-based fintech company Tokeny announced on Monday the release of its T-REX (Token for Regulated EXchanges) standard, which they created to enforce the compliant issuance and transfer of securities on its platform.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, T-REX is a decentralized set of global tools designed to allow for the interoperable, frictionless and compliant lifecycle management of tokenized securities. Tokeny’s new infrastructure will also provide onboard investors with technical solutions “in an industry that is surrounded by fraudulent activity”.

According to T-REX’s whitepaper, with the Tokeny standard is implementing a “Compliance by Design” approach where it is “simply impossible” for an investor to buy a security without being compliant.

Tokeny CEO Luc Falempin:

“By creating the T-REX standard, we are enabling the issuance of compliant STOs [Security Token Offerings]. There are three key pillars to these tokens, the identity management system, a set of validation certificates and the transfer manager.”