New Digital Asset Business Seeks 16 Staff in Bermuda and Worldwide

Sixteen jobs are being created in Bermuda by a digital asset business that is linked to diamonds.

BitCarbon is coming to Bermuda and expects to launch during the first three months of the new year. It is advertising 16 vacancies in Hamilton, and a number of other roles in the US, Europe and Asia.

The business was founded by celebrated American entrepreneur and software designer Cormac Kinney, who has a lengthy track record in successful start-ups and technology-orientated business.

His inventions have been cited in more than 1,500 US patents, and he has launched seven start-ups, with five later being acquired by public companies or investment funds.

BitCarbon has been described as a universal crypto asset, and the company is pioneering several concepts, including an electronic diamond exchange, and fungible diamond commodity, and a “zero-trust, physical, crypto asset that can switch token platforms”.

In an advertisement placed in The Royal Gazette yesterday, the company said it was accepting applications for a variety of positions, ranging from receptionist, member support and staff accountant, to chief operating officer, head of training, staff accountant and technical support.

The full list of positions available, including those based elsewhere in the world.