The Industry Maker, Plutinum, now offers STO services

Platinum is now offering comprehensive services for Security Token Offerings.

STOs are becoming the new norm today. Bringing in more corporate accountability, STOs are bound to attract a larger number of mature businesses and investors to the crypto market.

STOs will bring in a fresh influx of capital, not only from retail investors who will feel more confident about contributing to meaningful projects, but also from institutional investors who will wish to take advantage of this novel class of assets.

Mr. Anton Dzyatkovskiy, Co-founder of Platinum:

“Our diverse team has deep industry insight, relevant expertise and diverse experience which we will leverage to offer the same high level of STO services that clients have come to expect from us over the years“.

Platinum is already a global leader in providing one-stop solutions for ICO projects – from marketing, PR, compliance, consultancy, audit to legal.