Infrastructure Experts Now Support Fiat on Their Security Token Marketplace

Mercury FX, a global currency specialist firm established in 2007, has partnered with Swarm to bring a fiat gateway to the Swarm platform.

Swarm’s goal is to establish the necessary infrastructure to make security token trading easy and ultra-accessible.

Part of this vision involves integrating the token space with real-world assets, and the introduction of fiat on their platform brings the project one step closer to this goal.

Mercury FX will be in charge of integrating fiat with Swarm’s platform, thereby bridging the divide currently between trust and the security token space. Mercury FX is also known in the cryptocurrency space as being one of the first payment providers that was using Ripple’s new rapid system for cross-border payments.

The founder of Mercury FX, Alastair Constance, has said that Swarm and his company “share a mission of constantly finding better ways to safely connect people and their money.” It, ultimately, is about accessibility.