Alethena Brings STOs to Switzerland

Alethena says they are the first Swiss blockchain-assets rating agency. In the interview to Cryptovest, the team states inter alia:

“From the legal perspective, our solution has now been prototyped in the Swiss jurisdiction but can also be adapted for other jurisdictions. It requires an adaption of the bylaws of the limited company, the proof of the responsible government body, and some notary attestation”.

Pascal Marco Caversaccio, Alethena President

“From the technical perspective, our prototype works on Ethereum (ERC20 standard) but is blockchain-agnostic, meaning there is a feasible solution on, for example, EOS. Ours calls for the set-up of a smart contract, including the features required from the company that is tokenizing. Last but not least, there is an electronic share register required, which will be provided by our partners”.