Platform Invests in SEC-Regulated Broker-Dealer

Security tokens platform TokenSoft Inc. has invested in a company that is a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-compliant broker-dealer.

TokenSoft is a platform that provides a suite of technology and security products for the sale, issuance, and management of security tokens and other digital assets.

Security tokens often promise investment returns and value appreciation, in addition to allowing holders to purchase goods and services.

Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft:

“As a result of rapidly growing interest in the security token market, we have been inundated with requests for broker-dealer support services. With this investment, we are building a one-stop-shop for digital asset issuance and management — enabling us to expand our security and compliance support to every stage of a digital asset’s lifecycle.”

The company in which TokenSoft invested is now renamed TokenSoft Global Markets, LLC, while TokenSoft is entitled to acquire 100 percent of TokenSoft Global Markets. After the acquisition, TokenSoft Global Markets will reportedly enhance the range of its services, including referrals to exchanges or brokers, custody solutions, or private placement services.