OpenFinance Network Launches Security Token Trading in the USA

OpenFinance Network (OFN) moves from beta to full trading functionality, and becomes the first to launch a live, regulated security token trading platform in the United States.

An experienced and trusted player in the alternative assets space since 2014, OFN developed its regulated and efficient trading platform to make security token trading more liquid and accessible.

One of the security tokens available to trade at launch is Blockchain Capital (BCAP), a tokenized venture capital fund focused on digital assets. Blockchain Capital is a pioneer in the space, one of the first to issue a compliant security token offering.

Juan Hernandez, CEO of OFN:
“2018 is said to be the year of security tokens, but, for us, this is only the beginning
. “

BCAP security tokens will be powered by a DS protocol developed by Securitize, a platform for issuing and managing digital securities on the blockchain.

The protocol will enable these digital securities to be traded in a compliant way across global marketplaces and exchanges