Cambridge Publishes a Benchmarking Study on Cryptoassets

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) has just published their second annual report on cryptocurrencies and the digital asset ecosystem.

The Global CryptoAsset Benchmarking study is a must read for any industry participant and policymakers engaged in the regulatory oversight of cryptoassets as the research covers practically every aspect of the crypto industry.

Dr. Robert Wardrop, Director of CCAF

CCAF collected data from the most active participants in the crypto sector. This included approximatley 180 different entities in 47 different countries.

Designed to provide a snapshot of the evolution of crypto the report delivers unique insight into a sector of Fintech that did not even exist until a few years ago.

In the report, Michel Rauchs, who is the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Lead at CCAF, writes on security tokens:

There is a general trend towards “security tokens”, which are essentially traditional securities (i.e. financial agreements between parties) but in the form of a blockchain token. Utility tokens, on the other hand, are digital assets that, just like cryptocurrencies, play an essential role in the functioning of the underlying public network: they act as a coordination mechanism to align interests of diverse participants

Full text and the report available here