TokenizEU Chooses Ravencoin over Ethereum for Security Token Issuance

TokenizEU, a European platform that helps companies to issue EU-compliant security tokens, has announced that it will use Ravencoin and not Ethereum as a part of their services.

Thlugh Ethereum enjoys a strong reputation for security token standards, TokenizEU gives six reasons why they have chosen Ravencoin:

1.Ravencoin was built for Asset Creation, while Ethereum was built for many different applications.

2. The Ravencoin has a built-in messaging system, while Ethereum blockchain has no intrinsic message system.

3. The Ravencoin Voting System

4. Ravencoin’s Dividend System: issuers on Ravencoin can transfer dividends, profit shares, or reward payments to token holders.

5. The Unique Naming System on Ravencoin: when an asset is created on Ravencoin, a unique name is created, and all other issuers are prevented from using the same name on the network.

6. Asset Metadata: every issued token can include an Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) hash to include metadata about the real-world asset each token represents.