Healthbank Combines an STO with an ICO

healthbank aims to revolutionize the way that we exchange, monetize, and store personal healthcare data.

This health data exchange platform connects stakeholders within the health ecosystem upon the request of the user, or patient.

When the user chooses to, healthbank additionally processes and exchanges data.

HBE, the token behind healthbank, is an ERC-20 token. The equity token represents a share of the healthbank cooperative.

There is a maximum supply of 4 billion HBE, with 2.2 billion for sale.

This includes 5 percent of the total tokens for the private sale, 3 percent for the member sale, 17 percent for the pre-ICO, and 30 percent for the STO.

Fifteen percent is reserved as an early user onboarding incentive, 5 percent for the STO fees, 5 percent for the team, and 20 percent for the market cap.

Those who hold the HBE token will receive dividend rights and a long-term increase in the value of the token.

The token sale is already in the STO stage, having completed the private sale and FINMA approval in Q2 2018 and the pre-STO in Q3.

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