Security Tokens for Fractional Ownership in Single Family Homes on Sale in California

QuantmRE, a licensed California Real Estate Broker, is planning to do a security token offering tied to fractionalized interest in real estate.

In partnership with Prime Trust, QuantmRE will issue a security token representing interests in owner-occupied, residential real estate assets in the US.

According to a release, the funds raised will be invested into homes allowing homeowners to unlock equity in a peer to peer transaction. Prime Trust will custody the digital assets on behalf of the investor (no digital wallet necessary) as well as necessary AML/KYC compliance.

When a homeowner sells their residence, QuantmRE will receive the principle back plus their share of any capital gain (or loss).

QuantmRE has previously raised over $1.7 million in seed capital.

While there are other Fintech platforms that offer a similar service to providing access to gains on private single family real estate transactions, QuantmRE is the first and only platform that is doing it on the blockchain.

Matthew Sullivan, QuantmRE founder and CEO:

“Our ‘EQRE’ securities tokens will initially be issued to accredited investors in the US pursuant to Reg D rule 506(c). We filed a Regulation A+ offering with the SEC back in early October and will be offering the EQRE tokens under that exemption as soon as it has been qualified by the SEC, which we expect to be sometime during Q2 2019″.