Neufund Raises €3M in Equity Token Offering

Amid a crypto-crises, as aggregate value has tanked in the digital asset space, Neufund is reporting solid results.

As of today, Neufund states that it has more than doubled its soft cap having raised almost €3 million backed by “prestigious European investors, including VCs, angels, and private individuals.” The public offering ends on December 16th.

Currently, private investors may participate at a minimum investment of €100,000 but Neufund expects to open up the offering to a broader audience at some point in 2019.

According to Neufund, the offering has attracted a group of new investors. These include Udo Schloemer, Factory Berlin founder and CEO, Chris Zippel, an award-winning music producer and composer, and Dario Suter, a movie producer and DCM founder.

Additionally, Neufund states that existing investors, like Freigeist Capital and Atlantic Labs, have participated in the offering.

Investors may commit funds in fiat currency or ETH. In exchange for an investment, they will receive ERC20 tokens, “FTH”, operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Neufund offering claims to be the first “fully-compliant offering of equity on Blockchain available to the general public” in Europe.

The offering is compliant under existing German securities law.

Neufund adds that its platform can allow any incorporated entity worldwide to conduct a public offering on blockchain that enhances existing methods, rather than replacing them.