Swarm Adds New Security Token The Art Token (TAT)

The Swarm platform has announced that it will add The Art Token (TAT) to its platform, yet another development in its quest to make high-yield, alternative investments more accessible to a wide range of investors. So far, TAT funding has reached over $5.5 million.

The Art Token (TAT) tokenizes artwork, allowing multiple investors to hold a specific share of value in the object.

The token will be launched on Swarm’s security token marketplace, and will be created using Swarm’s own protocol, SRC20. Developed specifically for security tokens, SRC-20 tokens are fully compliant with all applicable regulations governing the issuance and trade of securities.

One of the major purposes of the token is to persuade investors to view art as a viable long-term investment vehicle that can gain value year over year, without being subject to the fluctuations in the crypto market.