Coinvest issues COIN, a native security token

Coinvest, a full-suite blockchain technology company for users to learn, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies, today announced the distribution of its native security token, COIN, to more than 600 investors.

The token distribution follows a successful crowdfunding campaign on Republic Crypto, an AngelList-affiliated crowdfunding platform for startups. This distribution was conducted in accordance with JOBS Act’s Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) guidelines.

Kendrick Nguyen, Republic CEO:

“Coinvest’s delivery of their token is a sign that the project isn’t just promoting a great idea, but it’s providing a tangible product.”

Coinvest raised the maximum goal of $1.07 million USD under Reg-CF guidelines in its Republic Crypto campaign. A total of 617 investors participated in the crowdfunding campaign.

COIN will be the native token for the Coinvest ecosystem. COIN holders will be able to create investment transactions and portfolios in Coinvest Trade, a fully decentralized trading platform. Users will also able to receive assets from investment portfolio profits and index fund investment fees and purchase goods and services from merchant partners. In the near future, Coinvest plans to build a full ecosystem for investors starting from the decision-making process, through investment, to a debit card payment system where participating merchants will accept COIN.