Australia’s First Real Estate Crypto Token Issued

Describing RealRenta as a “do-it-yourself property management software platform”, Marlene Liontis, the company’s CEO, is changing the traditional world of Australian real estate. RealRenta operates as an online property management platform, that allows individuals to take control of their properties without a real estate agent.

Marlene Liontis, RealRenta CEO

It’s a revolutionary software that puts power back in the hands of the people. Now, with the power of crypto and security tokens, the RealRenta team are taking property investment to the next level.

So how exactly will RealRenta do this? Well, it’ll happen through a security token known as House Coin Australia, which will be tied to the value of Australian residential property.

With this token, individuals will be able to purchase small or large portions of residential property, all without going through a bank or property manager.

Unlike a utility token, the House Coin security token will allow Australians to make a stable investment in property. It’s empowering Australians who may have thought property investment was out of reach and giving them a much needed second chance.