German iFunded Launches The First Platform For Real Estate Tokenization

iFunded, the digital real estate investment platform for institutional and private investors, is announcing the launch of iEstate, the real estate tokenization platform.

iEstate is the first global platform on the market to issue a security token based on real estate debt and will quickly follow up with with an equity-based token.

iFunded is an established digital investing platform for German real estate debt, targeting institutional investors, banks and retail investors with various different kinds of debt structures to help real estate developers find the financing they need to complete projects.

Michael Stephan, CEO and Founder of iFunded

iEstate is the newly launched subsidiary platform of iFunded.

iEstate will allow users to invest in pre-selected properties and will make investing in real estate, as well as real estate debt, easier than before, using the platform’s issued security tokens.

The STO is projected to open in Q1 (Q2) of 2019 with a cap of $100 million and will target institutional investors in Europe, UK, Brazil, SIngapore, Hong Kong and South East Asia.