Securitize Raises $12.75M

Securitize, a compliance platform for digitising securities on the blockchain, has raised $12.75 million to tokenise the $7 trillion securities industry. The Series A fundraising round was led by Blockchain Capital, and saw investment from […]


The New Kids on the Block(chain)

Alex Miningham, Proof Network Ventures CEO: “Tokenizing equity has some perks compared to the more traditional approach of selling paper stock certificates.. There is one big problem though..” Full text here.


STOs: a Word of Caution

Pierre Lavaux of SGH Capital: “Security tokens are now being touted as the future of ownership and the democratization of alternative investment, with the potential to digitize or “tokenize” all types of assets such as […]


Berlin: Neufund to do an ETO

Neufund, operated by Fifth Force GMBH, is already advising firms and governments on the potential for security token issues. The firm has reserved pledges of 12 million EUR in future investments. Backers include Frank Thelen […]