ICOADM.IN: A Raft of Huge Opportunities

ICOADM.IN has recently launched an STO compliant software, a solution to issuers of security tokens. Following the news, we find out the details of the launch in an exclusive interview with Sabir Magdeev, ICOADM.IN COO:

Sabir Magdeev: The software was updated according to the law’s requirements, including p/p, availability to pay with cards etc. If you want I can send you a demo version of our soft)

Q: Technically, what is the difference between ICO and STO platforms?

A: technically the difference is not big, it lies only in the smart contract and the logic behind the dashboard. E.g. earlier the one prefers to allow withdrawal only after the ICO’s final. Right now tokens go to the investor instantly.

Q: Are you building a platform?

A: Have already created one! But now working on the stock exchange for the security tokens and looking for the huge investments

Q: Currently, there are three big players on the market of STO platforms, Securitise, Polymath and Harbor. Others are following. Are you trying to launch an STO platform? If so, what will be your unique features?

A: First of all, compliance of course. We would like to follow all of the requirements and create the product due to the law restrictions

Q: Interests from which sectors have you seen already?

A: https://rise.eco/ this is our first client

Q: How do you see tokenized assets in 1 years time? In 5 years?

A: I strongly believe that it will revolutionize the market and allow the small business’ holders to tokenize unwanted businesses or those that bring small income. In 5 years it will create a raft of huge opportunities. E.g. the secondary issue etc. I also think that the tokenized real sector will face a lot of obstacles and frauds, however, with the belief and devotion we’ll overcome those thwarts and create real blockchain with it’s eternal idea.