Atomic Capital Issues its First Security Token

Atomic Capital, a digital investment bank, has developed its own ERC-20 compatible security token standard: the Atomic Digital Security Standard (DSS).

The Atomic DSS features a permissioned protocol.

The new token standard has already been put to use. On the Ethereum blockchain, Atomic Capital’s first digital security issuance has taken place.

Many projects in the developing security token space have established their own ERC-20 compatible security token standard. Harbor has the R-Token, Polymath developed the ST20, OpenFinance Network utilizes the S3, and Securitize works with the DS Protocol.

Atomic Capital’s mission is to become a pioneer of the security token industry. As a digital investment bank, they’ve established relationships with other investment banks, broker-dealers, family offices, venture capitalists, and hedge funds which represent more than $500 billion in assets under management.

In late January 2019, they will look to expand such relations by hosting the ‘Digital Assets for Professional Investors’ conference in New York City.

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