Security Token Firm KoreConX Partners with Australian Startup SME Brokers

KoreConX, a startup that leverages blockchain to tokenize securities, announced on Tuesday that it would integrate SME Brokers into its KorePartners ecosystem.

SME Brokers is an Australian company that is a member of an international group of business advisers that support over 60,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in all the regions of the world.

The company has access to technology-backed development and management programs meant to boost business performance throughout the SME’s lifecycle.

According to the deal, SME Brokers will exclusively use the KoreToken protocol and the KoreConX platform.

The company’s blockchain platform can be used to manage the entire lifecycle of security tokens, from issuance to management, trading, clearing, and settlement.

KoreConX’s platform helps enterprises connect with the capital markets.

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