A Picasso Painting Is To Be Tokenised and Auctioned

Maecenas, an art investment platform, has teamed up with Ethershift to tokenize an unspecified painting by Pablo Picasso on Ethereum.

An auction for tokenized partial-ownership of the painting will take place near the end of 2018 and follows Maecenas’ successful tokenization of an Andy Warhol painting just two months ago.

The tokenization of real-world assets has recently experienced significant implementation.

Now, those benefits have reached a Picasso painting, which will be tokenized on Ethereum.

Ownership of the classic painting will be fractionalized, where each token holder will represent a portion of the painting’s ownership.

The team behind the project includes blockchain-based art investment platform Maecenas, ERC20 exchange Ethershift.

Be aware: this project involves John Mcaffee.

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