First Cannabis STO Announced

TPZ Ventures, LLC., operator of Tropizen, a Puerto Rico based medical cannabis cultivator and manufacturer, will issue up to $2 million of equity through a Security Token Offering (STO) using the InPortal INPR protocol.

Marni Meistrell, COO and co-founder, Tropizen:

We could not be happier to launch this STO in partnership with InPortal to bring this innovation to investing in Puerto Rico’s growing medical cannabis industry.

Stephen Inglis, CEO, InPortal:

“We expect that this form of equity will soon become the norm for private company funding”

Tropizen’s ongoing expansion is being funded through the Series A offering and will be augmented through the issuance of a Tropizen Series A Token, an on-chain security issued through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Regulation D 506 (c) exemption to accredited investors. The Tropizen Token will be imbedded with smart contracts to provide corporate governance functions, including investor distributions, corporate news, basis for accreditation, and facilitate trading liquidity on a variety of secondary market platforms.