EXCLUSIVE: STO Trends 2019

Exclusive to Security Token Newspaper, Dr. Maria Agranovskaya, an international lawyer with profile in blockchain, defines trends in security tokens for 2019.

Institutional investors from developed markets follow strict control rules of internal and external procedures and client and other parties relations. Especially when this involves new technology and startups.
Hence, the main trends of 2018, to be continued in 2019:

  • «good to be regulated» (access to exchanged, banks, investors)
  • regulated legal token placements – STO in place of ICO (tokens as securities or otherwise regulated raise and further activity)
  • activity licenses (1) for the company activity with its own tokens or (2) platforms working with third party tokens or tis own tokens representing different projects
  • new laws allowing access to regulation for crypto related business: getting closer to real financial markets
  • «digitalizing» of corporate assets; real assets tokenization
  • services for the support of new generation tokens (custody, trading, exchange, other services)
  • technology as the booster for the market development (energy consumption, storage security, transactions speed)

CONCLUSION: traditional money, transnational corporations and investors enter crypto markets. Regulation is an advantage, pure «utility tokens» do not raise funds.

Dr Maria Agranovskaya is an Attorney at Law with 20+ years of experience. Started working with cryptocurrency issues back in 2010.
Areas: fintech, finance, telecom, banking, energy, pharmaceuticals, real estate and other sectors.
Substantially engaged in blockchain technology, TGE related projects, trading and finance regulations, funds and financial activity.