Where does the money go in blockchain?

Where does the money go for blockchain investments?

Student at Yale and a crypto enthusiast Fan Wen conducted a thorough research. He concludes:

1) Money goes USA (75%), China and Canada

2) Money doubled from 2017 to 2018

3) Most active are those who know a lot.

4) 75% invest in early stages

5) Integration doubled from 2017 to 2018

6) Most money go to cryptocurrency startups on cryptocurrency issuance, exchange/trading, mining (hardware and software), wallet, payment, etc.

7) The most invested “buzzwords” in 2018 include: Blockchain Security, Crypto Assets & Exchange, Financial Software/Services, Stablecoin, and Blockchain Games/Gaming Platforms.

8) New money went primarily into: Cryptographic Technology, Stablecoins, and Assets Securitization/Management. Particularly, Consensus Algorithm/Protocol Development has attracted a large portion of money.

Full text here.