Blockchain AgriTech Startup receives prize in security tokens

Producers, Market, a global platform to empower farmers and agriculture producers through smart contracts and distributed ledger technology has announced their first place win in the recent Blockchain Shift event pitch contest.

Presented before the audience in the main hall, Producers Market won the grand prize of $210,000, which included $10,000 in cash and the rest in service providence by INTELid and Security Token Market (STM).

Founded by a team immersed in the agricultural value chain for more than a decade, Producers Market aims to increase efficiency within the agricultural industry and serve as an advocate for producers, through amplifying visibility and providing greater transparency to buyers.

Keiths Agoada, co-founder and CEO of Producers Market

We were excited to have a presence at the Blockchain Shift, and winning the pitch contest based on the merit of what we’re doing at Producers Market was absolutely thrilling.

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