Learn on Chinese Security Tokens

The advent of blockchain is changing how countries trade with each other and Europe’s relationship with China has not been immune from this shift.

Entrepreneurs, investors and developers from around the world are coming together to explore how secure blockchain technology can be applied in business.

8 Decimal Capital, one of the most active blockchain investment firms in China and currently ranked second out of 51 active crypto funds by Token Metrics.
With a focus previously on smart devices, its founder Yubo Ruan has a background in engineering and computer science. At just 22-years old, his natural instinct for enterprise led him to create 8 Decimal Capital, which launched in 2017 in Beijing and has consistently been ranked a top fund in China since.
He has surrounded himself with advocates of blockchain as well as investors such as managing partner, Zane Wei, a former investor at Roots Capital, and blockchain investor and advisor Ben Bartlett, the Vice Mayor of Berkeley who is now working closely with the team to promote the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.
The company is currently focusing on token and equity investments after providing top returns in 2017. They have made over 40 investments including EOS, 0x, FCoin, Ontology, ICON, Zilliqa, Wanchain, Kyber and Bluzelle. They also invested in blockchain ecosystem projects like Trust Token, Bibox, Seed CX, DoraHacks and Coinsuper.

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