ANALYSIS: Bangsy to everybody, not only to accredited investors

Imagine a Banksy painting that cleverly depicts the age-old theme of class struggles, yet is ironically worth over $1million. What if this painting could be tokenized so that anyone with $50 in their pocket could own a piece of it? Security tokens are bringing us closer than ever to this reality.

The true value of security tokens is their ability to completely change how we define asset ownership, making assets that have traditionally only been available to wealthy people in developed nations more accessible to regular people all over the world to own (even if only in portions) and collect dividends from.
The basic measure of a sophisticated investor is not how much money they currently have, but their ability to justify their investments while displaying a basic understanding of the markets for whatever asset class they are participating in. Only through this method can regulators protect retail investors, while granting them the freedom to participate in deals that have the potential to rapidly move them up the social economic ladder, ultimately decreasing the rate of wealth inequality in the US and around the world.

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