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Smart Forest: 1 Tree Is Always 1 NFT

Non fungible tokens are not about art and music only. NFTs can represent anything unique. Trees, for example. Every tree is unique. Digital Asset Live Editor-in-Chief talked to Iwa Pawlak, Smart Forest Co-Founder: Q1: Let’s […]

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What version of blockchains are we using now? An emotional analysis by our columnist Joey Bertschler [...]
Stablecoins which are not backed by any assets or fiat are classified as uncollateralized stablecoins. The stablecoin projects which adopt this model to create a stablecoin, generally attempt to do what the Federal Reserve does,…
Many write about the coming bitcoin halving, but nobody has drawn it better then Abishai James [...]
by Frederik Bussler A global pandemic, oil shocks, and US-Iranian tensions have coincided to rock global markets, sending traditional and alternative assets into a bloodbath. In fact, the COVID-19 coronavirus is likely to trigger a global…
the one that is more public [...]
Blockchain is the infrastructure to big data to be processed with AI [...]

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  • Leo Petersen-Khmelnitski

    Currently, I advise a blockchain project related to agriculture, with origin in Thailand, and research into tokenization of oil and gas worldwide, for a big one. […]

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